Bio: HI. I’m Swayam, a banker by profession, i am currently a happy ( is there any other kind? )mother of a precocious 2 yr old and the wife of a very precocious 30-something guy. Yup.. You guessed it right. I am funny . NOT. Anyways life was generally very sunny .. going along on its own pace now that I am a stay at home mom.. when I finally decided (after a yr of procrastinating) to do the unthinkable and well.. start this !! After graduation I felt I needed to broaden my horizon hence I went on to do MBA..where more than learning anything of use in the real world , I met the great love of my life, my personal Mr. Big ..my husband. I then got a job and wore gorgeous heels to work every day, ate at the coolest places, danced at the hottest clubs , shopped at all high street stores and treated myself to pedicures on a semi-regular basis. But then life had a different (and more exciting) plan for for me. I followed my hubby from the lovely city of Bangalore to the sandy hot town of Raipur. My days are spent running after my baby, pottering around the house looking for things to do ( which are always aplenty) .. cooking new stuff and making my hubby the guinea pig for all my experiments. And yeah.. Bringing out the Big Gun… that is my DSLR. My absolute must have no matter where I am. I have no idea how I got here…but you know what? I love it. Don’t tell anyone! Here, I write about my transition from a well heeled city girl to my experiences as a domestic goddess ( come on humor me , will you?) And I will I post step-by-step photos of all the yummy dishes I’ve taught myself to cook through the years. There’s butter involved ..and there’s cream... so come on.. lets start this trip shall we??

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